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Below is a  growing set of links to women working in sound, scroll past the history ones to see contemporary  sound artists. This  is a  'expanding' list, so if your name is not on here yet, please email girrlsound to have it put up, include your name and links to your work ... 
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History of Women and Sound Influences ::
Hildegard of Bingin (1098-1181)
Self Sounders Japanese women of the 4th up to the 12th century were working on sound through poetry, called Idiophones  ‘self-sounders’, *Princes Shikishi, Chiyo-ni, Otagaki Rengetsu, Abutsu-ni, Lady Ise, Michit suna no Haha, Sei Shonagon, Princess Senshi and AmaSaiko were emulating sound as sound into text based work and performance.

Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) wrote Two: Gertrude Stein and her Brother a ‘sound theory ‘ in 1911. Stein’s development of experimental and minimal approaches bordering literature and sound are vitally important in terms of emerging trends in digital language and innovation cultures. Her work involved the constructing of an ethical and positive relationship between sound and experimental writing that is valid today in both digital sound and performance. This was a groundbreaking work broke  disciplinarily and moved sound art making into an interdisciplinary project and space.
Sonia Delauney (1885-1979)
Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)
Ada Lovelace (1815-1852)

Eliane Radique (1932-) 
Edith Sitwell (1887-1964) was most interested by the distinction between poetryand music, a matter explored in Façade (1922), which was set to music by William Walton, a series of abstract poems the rhythms of which counterparted those of music. Façade was performed behind a curtain with a hole in the mouth of a painted face (the painting was by John Piper) and the words were recited through the hole with the aid of a Sengerphone. The public received the first performance with bemusement, but there were many positive reactions.

Contemporary Women in Sound :: (a growing list!!!)


Maryann Amarcher

Adrienne Albert (USA, 1947) – voice; Contem

Liz Allbee (USA) – trumpet, electronics, objects; Improv

Becky Allen (USA) – voice; Sound Art, Elec

Alquimia (Mexico/UK) – voice, electronics; PoMo, Improv, Elec, Hybrid

Maryanne Amacher (USA, 1943) – Elec, Sound Art; electronic music and architectural installations at the extremes of the dynamic range; CD

Laura Andel (Argentina/USA, 1968) - woodwinds; Contempo, PoMo, Improv, Hybrid

Beth Anderson (USA, 1950) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Sound Art, Text; sound poetry pioneer

Elizabeth Anderson (USA/Belgium, 1960) - Elec, Contempo; focus on electroacoustic music; CDs + Bio

Laurie Anderson (USA, 1947) – voice, violin, electronics; PoMo, Elec, Sound Art, Text

Natasha Anderson (Australia) – contrabass, recorders, electronics; Elec, PoMo

Ruth Anderson (USA, 1928) – Elec; very pure electronic music and sound poetry; CD

Sarah Angliss (UK) – Elec, Sound Art; installations and media arts

Jacki Apple (USA) – Sound Art, Text; writer and radio, performance, installation artist; bio + clips at New American Radio; Nonsequitur released Voices in the Dark on the Radius: Volume 2 compilation.

Clarice Assad (Brazil/USA, 1978) – piano, voice; Contempo, PoMo, Hybrid; bio + clips

Elizabeth R. Austin (USA/Germany, 1938) – Contempo

Ana-Maria Avram (Romania, 1961) – piano, conductor; Contempo, Elec

Lydia Ayers (USA/Hong Kong) - flute, electronics; Elec, Contempo, PoMo; computer music, microtonality, new instruments, ethnomusicology (Chinese, Indonesian, Native American); CD


Carla Bley

 Joan la Barbara

Sonia Boyce (British) 

Candice Breitz

Vickie Bennett (Britain) 

Louise Bourgeous (French)
Magal Babin (Canada)

Caroline Bergvall (French - Norwegian)

Christine Baczewska (USA) – voice; PoMo, Elec; Nonsequitur released Day of the Dead on the Aerial #1

Jen Baker (USA) – trombone; Improv, Jazz, Contempo

Angelina Baldoz (USA) – trumpet; Improv; also music for dance, theater, and film/video; bio

Ellen Band (Canada/USA, 1952) – Sound Art, Elec; installations and works using field recordings and sounds of quotidian objects; Nonsequitur released Railroad Gamelan on the Aerial #6 compilation.

Ros Bandt (Australia, 1951) – Sound Art, Elec; focus on radio art, installations, and sound sculpture

Manuela Barile (Italy, 1978) – voice; Improv with extended vocal techniques, performance art; she also has a MySpace page

Elaine Barkin (USA, 1932) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Text, Hybrid; bio, CD (scroll down to find it)

Carla “CK” Barlow (USA) – Elec, Improv, PoMo, Contempo; focus on electroacoustic music and live sampling

Natasha Barrett (UK/Norway, 1972) – Elec, PoMo, Sound Art

Bebe Barron (USA, 1927) – Elec; early electronic music pioneer in collaboration with her husband Louis Barron; article, CD

Amy "Mrs. H.H.A." Beach (USA, 1867-1944) – piano; 20c; bio, article; more of a Romantic composer than a Modernist, but a trailblazer for women in music.

Eve Beglarian (USA, 1958) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec; CD

Barbara Benary (USA, 1946) – gamelan; Hybrid, PoMo; also new instrument builder and co-founder of Gamelan Son of Lion; bio

Jennifer Bernard (USA, 1981) – piano, viola; Contempo, PoMo, Elec; focus on electroacoustic music.

Ragnhild Berstad (Norway, 1956) – piano; Contempo, Elec; profile

Johanna Beyer (Germany/USA, 1888-1944) – 20c; article, scores; Nonsequitur released IV for PercussionAerial #3 compilation, and co-produced a CD of her piano music on the New Albion label performed by Sarah Cahill.

Lisa Bielawa (USA) – voice; PoMo, Contempo

Cindy Lubar Bishop (USA) – voice, electronics; PoMo, Elec; bio + CD

Iva Bittová (Czech Rep., 1958) – violin, viola, voice; Improv, PoMo, Contempo; compositions using extended vocal techniques with own accompaniment incorporating elements of folk/gypsy music, free improv, modern classical.

China Blue (USA) – Sound Art

Carla Bley (USA, 1938) – piano, organ, voice; Improv; experimental big band pioneer (web site is tricky, but you can go directly to her bio)

Olivia Block (USA) – trumpet, electronics; Elec, PoMo, Sound Art, Improv; combines field recordings, electronics, and scored instruments.

Carrie Bodle (USA) – Sound Art; site specific and immersive sound installations.

Michèle Bokanowski (France, 1943) – Elec; musique concrète, electroacoustic, film music; bio.

Georgina Born (UK) – cello, bass; Improv; improviser who also played with Henry Cow, Art Bears, National Health, also a cultural theorist; book.

Susan Botti (USA) – voice; Contempo

Nadia Boulanger (France, 1887-1979) – 20c; was also an important teacher of many younger composers.

Anne Bourne (Canada, 1958) – cello, voice; Improv, PoMo, Hybrid; bio.

Jen Boyd (USA) – electronics, field recordings, misc.; Elec.

Gena Branscombe (Canada/USA, 1881-1977) – piano; 20c; not really "experimental," but a pioneer woman composer and colleague of Amy Beach; bio, CD

Kitty Brazelton (USA) – voice; PoMo, Contempo, Elec.

Caroline Breece (UK/USA, 1977) – Elec.

Jane Brockman (USA) – Contempo, Elec.

Margaret Brouwer (USA, 1940) – Contempo

Elizabeth Brown (USA,1953) - flute, shakuhachi, theremin, dan bau; Comtempo, Hybrid

Monique Buzzarté (USA, 1960) – trombone; Contempo, PoMo, Improv, Elec; also a virtuoso interpreter who has commissioned many trombone works by women.

Sarah Boothroyd


Anthea Caddy (Australia) – cello; Elec, PoMo

Mira Calix, neé Chantal Passamonte (South Africa/UK) – turntables, electronics; Elec.; also works as a DJ and makes dance music; MySpace

Lidia Camacho (Mexico) – Sound Art; experimental radio artist and producer; bio

Allison Cameron (Canada, 1953) – Contempo, PoMo; bio + CDs, more bio + list of works

D. Raylene Campbell (Canada, 1968) – accordion, electronics; PoMo, Elec, Improv, Sound Art

Janet Cardiff (Canada, 1957) – Sound Art; bio, interview; artist who uses sound prominently in her installations. [the link to her own web site vanished]

Emma Carlé (New Zealand, 1978) – PoMo, Hybrid, Elec; bio; many works for Western instruments mixed with Indonesian gamelan.

Melody Sumner Carnahan (USA) – Text; experimental writer and radio artist who collaborates often with composers and sound artists; bio; book/CD; article

Leticia Castaneda (USA) – electronics; Improv, Elec

Jessica Catron (USA) – cello; Improv, PoMo, Contempo; also interpreter of works by others; bio

Ana Cervantes (USA/Mexico) – piano; not a composer, but specializes in repertoire by contemporary Latin American women composers.

Wendy Mae Chambers (USA, 1953) – piano, toy piano; PoMo, Contempo; special focus on composing for large ensembles of like instruments, invented the Car Horn Organ.

Maria Chavez (Peru/USA, 1980) – turntables; Improv, Elec; bio & links

Ching-Wen Chao (Taiwan, 1973) – piano, electronics; focus on computer music.

Audrey Chen (USA) – cello, voice; Improv

Chin-Chin Chen (Taiwan/USA, 1964) – Contempo, Elec; bio

Mary Ellen Childs (USA, 1957) – Contempo, PoMo

Jennifer Choi (USA) – violin; Improv; also performs classical and contemporary repertoire

Ellen Christi (USA) – voice, piano; Improv, PoMo; bio & CD

Martina Cizek (Austria, 1959) – saxophone, flute, voice; Improv, Elec, PoMo; bio (in German)

Rebecca Clarke (UK/USA, 1886-1979) – viola; Improv, 20c; article

Anna Clyne (UK/USA, 1980) – PoMo, Elec

Maile Colbert (USA, 1978) – electronics, found sounds, field recordings; PoMO, Elec, Improv, Sound Art; MySpace page

Merlin Coleman (USA) – cello, voice; PoMo, Elec, Sound Art; music/theater, sound installations, etc.

Alice Coltrane (USA, 1937-2007) – harp, piano; Improv, Hybrid; historically associated with free jazz in small and large ensembles, also involved with Hindu devotional music.

Abbie Conant (USA/Germany, 1955) – trombone; Contempo, PoMo, Improv, Elec; also well-known interpreter, commissioning many works for trombone + computer.

India Cooke (USA) – violin; Improv, PoMo; bio + CD

Lindsay Cooper (UK, 1951) – oboe, bassoon; Improv, PoMo; was a member of Henry Cow, Art Bears, and co-founder of Feminist Improvising Group (FIG), also composes for films and theater; long bio, short bio

Viv Corringham (UK/USA) – voice, field recordings; Improv, Elec; extended vocal techniques, known especially for her recorded “vocal walks”; article + clips on Minnesota Public Radio.

Eleanor Cory (USA, 1943) – Contempo

Sylvie Courvoisier (Switzerland/USA, 1968) – piano; PoMo, Contempo, Improv

Ruth Crawford Seeger (USA; 1901-1953) – 20c; article; Nonsequitur co-produced a CD of her piano musicSarah Cahill.

Marilyn Crispell (USA, 1947) – piano; Improv; great free improviser in a post-Cecil Taylor style.


Tacita Dean (Britain) 

Lesli Dalaba (USA) – trumpet; Improv, PoMo; bio, CD; Nonsequitur released an excerpt from Core Sample on the Aerial #3 compilation.

Moniek Darge (Belgium, 1952) – violin; Improv, Elec, Sound Art; improviser and composer, also makes sound sculptures, installations, and radio art.

Sheila Davies (USA) – Sound Art, Text; experimental writer and radio artist; bio + clips, essay; Nonsequitur released What Is the Matter in Amy Glennon? on the Radius: Volume 1 compilation.

Sydney Davis (USA) – Elec, PoMo; Nonsequitur released Star Axis on the Aerial #5 compilation.

Anne Deane (USA, 1963) – Elec, Contempo; specializes in computer and electroacoustic music; bio, bio + CD

Caterina De Re (Australia/USA) – voice; Improv, Elec, Sound Art; multi-media, video, performative meditation; bio

Amy Denio (USA, 1961) – saxophone, accordion, guitar, bass, voice; Improv, PoMo; extremely eclectic multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser.

Christi Denton (USA, 1976) – Elec; focus on electronic & computer music.

Delia Derbyshire (UK, 1937-2001) – Elec.; early pioneer of electronic music (Dr. Who television series).

Lauri Des Marais (USA) – voice, electronics; Improv, Elec, Sound Art, Text

Margaret de Wys (USA) – voice; PoMod, Elec; bio, more bio + CD

Violeta Dinescu (Romania/Germany, 1953) – Contempo; bio

Lucia Dlugoszewski (1931 or 1934-2000) – 20c; composed often for modern dance, developed the “timbre piano”; article, obit, tribute

Barbara Donald (USA, 1942) – trumpet; Improv; great post-Bop/free jazz trumpeter; bio + discography

Kui Dong (China/USA, 1967) – piano; Contempo, Elec, Hybrid,; bio + clips

Katie Down (USA) – flute, ukulele, etc.; PoMo, Improv, Sound Art; music for dance, theater, film, also Sephardic music.

Chantal Dumas (Canada, 1959) – Sound Art, Text, Elec; experimental writer and radio artist; bio, CD; Nonsequitur released Le Spectacle des Habile(i)tés on the Radius: Volume 3 compilation.

Judy Dunaway (USA) – guitar, balloons; PoMo, Improv

Frances Dyson (Australia/USA) – Sound Art, Text, Elec; writer, theorist, and radio artist; bio


Jewlia Eisenberg (USA) – voice, bass; PoMo, Improv

Bushra El-Turk (UK, 1982) - cello, piano; Contempo

Marti Epstein (USA, 1959) – Contempo; bio

Irina Escalante (Cuba, 1977) – Elec, Contempo; focus on electroacoustic music; CV, bio

Helena Espvall (Sweden/USA) - cello, guitar, voice; Improv; also on MySpace

Judith Exley (USA) – Contempo; CD (scroll down to find it)


Elizabeth Falconer (USA, 1956) – koto; Hybrid, Improv

Thea Farhadian (USA) – violin; Elec, Sound Art, Hybrid, Improv; also video and intermedia performance.

Janet Feder (USA) – guitar, voice; PoMo, Improv; specializes in compositions for prepared concert guitar.

Beatriz Ferreyra (Argentina/France, 1937) – Elec, Contempo; focus on electroacoustic music; bio, CDs

Vivian Fine (USA; 1913-2000) – piano; 20c; bio & scores

Jennifer Fowler (Australia/UK, 1939) – Contempo, Elec

Gabriela Lena Frank (USA) – piano; Contempo; bio, bio + scores

Ellen Fullman (USA, 1957) – PoMo, Elec.; has developed and composes for her Long String Instrument, also music for dance; Nonsequitur released Staggered Stasis on the Aerial #3 compilation.


Diamanda Galas (USA, 1955) – voice, piano, electronics; PoMo, Elec, Improv; extreme extended vocal techniques with live processing, music-theater spectacles on political themes, early work as a free improviser.

Alexandra Gardner (USA, 1967) – PoMo, Elec.

Weba Garretson (USA) – voice; PoMo, Text

Carol Genetti (USA) – voice; Improv

Janice Giteck (USA, 1946) – Contempo; bio + CD + scores

Peggy Glanville-Hicks (Australia, 1912-1990) – 20c; bio

S. Lyn Goeringer (USA) – theremin, computer; Elec, PoMo, Sound Art.

Barbara Golden (Canada/USA) – PoMo, Elec, Text, Sound Art; bio + CDs, review

Lori Goldston (USA) – cello; Improv, PoMod, Hybrid; improvisation, soundtracks, music for dance & theater, co-founder of Black Cat Orchestra, also plays with various rock stars.

Annie Gosfield (USA, 1960) – sampler, keyboards; PoMo, Improv; focus on samples of detuned piano and industrial sounds and chamber works.

Gunda Gottschalk (Germany, 1969) – violin, viola; PoMo, Improv

Helena Gough (UK, 1980) - violin, etc.; Elec, Sound Art, Installation

Lene Grenager (Norway) - cello; Contempo, Improv; also conducts and is a member of Norwegian all-female improv group SPUNK

Beverly Grigsby (USA) – Elec

Rachel Grimes (USA) – piano; PoMo; co-founder of the ensemble Rachel’s (not named after her)

Christine Groult (France) – Elec; focus on electroacoustic music; bio (in French), CD

Sofia Gubaidulina (Russia/Germany, 1931) – Contempo; bio, scores, etc., article

Anne Guthrie (USA, 1983) – French horn; Elec, PoMo, Contempo, Improv

Edith Guttierez (USA, 1914) – Contempo; bio


Donna Hewitt (Australian)

Ann Hamilton (American)

Rachel Haynes (Australia)

Christine Hume (and Jason Nelson) 
Heather Dewey-Hagorg

Janet Hammock (Canada, 1942) – piano; Contempo; bio

Mei Han (China/Canada, 1961) – zheng; Hybrid, Improv, PoMo; new, improvised and traditional music for Chinese zither.

Camilla Hannan (Australia, 1968) – Elec; sampled and processed field recordings, installations using sound and light.

Sue Ann Harkey (USA/UK) – guitar, voice; Improv, PoMo; Nonsequitur released In This the Year of the Snake on the Aerial #2 compilation.

Emily Hay (USA) – flute, voice, electronics; Improv, PoMo, Elec.

Sorrel Hays (USA) – piano; Contempo, PoMo, Sound Art

Abby Helasdottir, aka “Gydja” (New Zealand) – Elec; focus on heavily processed field recordings

Barbara Held (USA/Spain) – flute; Contempo, PoMo; also virtuoso interpreter of experimental works for flute by other composers, often with interactive visual elements.

Mara Helmuth (Germany/USA) – Elec; focus on computer music; bio

Jane Henry (USA) – violin, electronics; Improv, Elec; PoMo, Contempo; focus on electronic extension of acoustic violin.

Katt Hernandez (USA, 1974) – violin; Improv

Rosi Hertlein (Germany/USA) – violin, voice; Improv, PoMo; bio

Jennifer Higdon (USA, 1962) – flute; Contempo

Shoko Hikage (Japan/USA) – koto; Improv, PoMo, Hybrid; new music for Japanese koto.

Joyce Hinterding (Australia) – Sound Art; intermedia/sound installations with focus on atmospheric/radio frequency sound; CD, interview

Rozalie Hirs (Netherlands) – piano, voice; Contempo, Elec

Shelly Hirsch (USA, 1952) – voice; Improv, PoMo, Sound Art; extended vocal techniques, improvisation, radio art.

Robin Holcomb (USA, 1954) – piano, voice; Contempo, Improv, PoMo; co-founder of New York Composers Orchestra, also known as a songwriter.

Anna Homler (USA) – voice, toys; Improv, PoMo; extended vocal techniques and invented language and electronic processing, performance/installation artist; Nonsequitur released Sirens on the Aerial #4

Sungji Hong (Korea/UK, 1973) – Contempo, Elec.

Sarah Hopkins (Australia, 1958) – cello, voice, whirlies; Post, Improv, Hybrid; Nonsequitur released Cello Chi (for singing cellist) on AC/DC/VC by electronic cellist Jeffrey Krieger.

Eleanor Hovda (USA, 1940) – Contempo

Charlotte Hug (UK/Switzerland, 1965) – viola, electronics, voice; Improv, PoMo, Elec, Sound Art

Melissa Hui (Hong Kong/Canada/USA, 1966) – Contempo, PoMo, Hybrid; bio + clips

Celeste Hutchins (USA, 1976) – Elec; focus on electronic & computer music.

Brenda Hutchinson (USA, 1953) – PoMo, Elec, Improv, Sound Art; new instruments, radio art, installations; Nonsequitur released EEEYAH! on the Aerial #4 compilation.


Susie Ibarra (USA) – percussion; Improv, PoMo


Miranda July

Catherine Jauniaux (Belgium) – voice; Improv, PoMo; extended vocal techniques; CD

Betsy Jolas (France, 1926) – piano, organ, conductor; Contempo

Elsa Justel (Argentina/France, 1944) – Contempo, Elec; focus on electroacoustic music; bio, bio + CDs; Nonsequitur released Fy Mor on the Desde el Otro Lado: Electroacoustic Music from Latin America


Laura Kaminski (USA, 1956) – Contempo; bio

Eunsu Kang (Korea/USA) – Elec; interactive multimedia installations

Ying-Chen Kao (Taiwan/USA, 1981) – piano; Contempo; also on MySpace

Vitezslava Kapralova (Czech Rep., 1914-1940) – 20c

Terri Kapsalis (USA) – violin, voice; Improv, Text, Sound Art; experimental writer, theater, installations; bio, CD

Lisa Karrer (USA, 1957) – voice, gamelan; PoMo, Hybrid; extended vocal techniques and multimedia performance works.

Zoë Keating (Canada/UK/USA) – cello, electronics; PoMod, Improv; solo cello with live processing, was also in the “cello rock band” Rasputina.

Kathy Kennedy (Canada) – voice; Elec, PoMo, Sound Art, Text; radio art, choral music, interactive computer work; Nonsequitur released Taking Steps on the Radius: Volume 3 compilation.

Elise Kermani (USA, 1960) – voice; Elec, PoMo, Improv, Text; extended vocal techniques and sound poetry with live electronic processing; bio + CDs; Nonsequitur released Spiral on the Aerial #4 compilation.

Carla Kihlstedt (USA) – violin; PoMo, Improv, Contempo; also a member of the Tin Hat Trio, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and 2 Foot Yard.

Jin Hi Kim (Korea/USA, 1957) – komungo; Improv, PoMo, Hybrid; contemporary music for Korean zither (acoustic + electronic); Nonsequitur released her Komunguitar CD (duos with guitarists) and Komungo Permutations on the Aerial #2 compilation.

Judy Klein (USA) – Elec, PoMo; focus on computer and electroacoustic music; article, CD (scroll down to find it).

Meri von KleinSmid (USA) – Elec, PoMo

Amy Knoles (USA) – percussion; PoMo, Contempo, Elec; bio; interactive percussion-controlled electronics, also interpreter and member of California EAR Unit.

Alison Knowles (USA, 1933) – PoMo, Sound Art, Text; intermedia artist associated with John Cage and Fluxus, makes sound pieces for radio and performance; Nonsequitur released Frijoles Canyon and the text appears in this book.

Barbara Kolb (USA, 1939) – Contempo; bio

Susie Kozawa (USA) – Sound Art, Improv; installations, new instruments, found objects; article

Caroline Kraabel (USA/UK, 1961) – saxophone; Improv, PoMo; CD with her 20-woman sax ensemble, Mass Producers (scroll down to find it)

Annette Krebs (Germany, 1967) – guitar, electronics; Improv; bio + interview

Christina Kubisch (Germany, 1948) flute, electronics – Sound Art, Elec, PoMo; architectural sound and light installations; interview, CD


Lady Electronica (Australia)

Lina Lapelyte
Annea Lockwood (NZealand) 

Joan LaBarbara (USA, 1947) – voice; Contempo, PoMo, Elec; pioneer of extended vocal techniques, interactive electronics, also virtuoso interpreter of avant garde vocal works.

Anne La Berge (USA/Holland, 1955) – flute, electronics; Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Improv; focus on flute with interactive electronic processing; bio + CD, interview

Bun-Ching Lam (China/USA, 1954) – piano, conductor; Contempo, PoMo, Hybrid; composes for Western and Eastern instruments, sometimes combined.

Cat Lamb (USA) – viola; Contempo, PoMo.

Esther Lamneck (USA) – clarinet, tárogató (Hungarian woodwind inst.); Contempo, PoMo, Hybrid; also interpreter of contemporary works for clarinet.

Vanessa Lann (USA/Netherlands, 1968) – Contempo.

Ana Lara (Mexico, 1959) – Contempo; bio

Libby Larsen (USA, 1950) – Contempo

Elodie Lauten (France/USA, 1950) keyboards, electronics – PoMo, Contempo, Elec; Nonsequitur released Music for the Trine on the Aerial #4 compilation.

Mary Jane Leach (USA, 1949) – Contempo, PoMo; Nonsequitur released Xantippe’s Rebuke on the Aerial #6 compilation.

Joëlle Léandre (France, 1951) – contrabass; Improv, Contempo; also virtuoso interpreter of avant garde works for contrabass, especially Cage & Scelsi; bio, discography, & clips

Anne LeBaron (USA, 1953) – harp; Improv, PoMo, Contempo, Elec.

Carolyn Lechusza (USA) - cello, electric cello, alto violin; Improv, Contempo

Jeanne Lee (USA, 1939-2000) - voice; Improv; great free jazz vocalist; tribute page, obit

Okkyung Lee (Korea/USA) - cello, electric cello; Improv, PoMo; also on MySpace

Gina Leishman (UK/USA) – woodwinds, accordion, pinao, voice; PoMo, Improv; co-founder of Kamikaze Ground Crew

Tania León (Cuba/USA, 1943) – Contempo, Hybrid; also a conductor; profile

Liza Lim (Australia, 1966) – Contempo, Sound Art; bio, CD

Mei-Fang Lin (Taiwan/USA, 1973) – piano, electronics; Elec, Contempo; focus on computer music, also interpreter of contemporary piano works; bio

Annea Lockwood (New Zealand/USA, 1939) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Sound Art; Nonsequitur released Thousand Year Dreaming, The Glass World, and Nautilus on the Aerial #2 compilation. More bios & CDs here, here, and here.

Jessica Lurie (USA) – saxophones; Improv, PoMo

Perri Lynch (USA) – Sound Art, Improv; visual artist who uses sound in her installations and improvises with field recordings.



Morrisa Maltz

Sophie Macdonald and Sally Northmore are co-founders of Mztek. A non-profit collective with the aim of encouraging women artists to pick up technical skills in the fields of new media, computer arts, and technology. Based in London and supported by Hackney Arts Institution, hosting a range of women only workshops, talks, and self-initiated tinker sessions. 

Charlotte Moorman 

Tracie Morris (NY) 

Sachiko M (Japan) – electronics; Elec., Improv; ultra-minimal music for sine waves; CD

Annie Mahtani (UK, 1981) – Elec., Sound Art

Ursula Mamlok (Germany/USA, 1928) – Contempo; bio

Bunita Marcus (USA, 1952) – Contempo, Elec.

Miya Masaoka (USA, 1958) – koto, electronics; PoMo, Improv, Elec, Hybrid, Sound Art

Kaffe Matthews (UK, 1961) – violin, electronics; Improv, Elec.

Bérangère Maximin (France) – Elec.

Melissa "Missy" Mazzoli (USA, 1980) – keyboards; PoMo, Improv, Elec.

Andra McCartney (UK/Canada, 1955) – Sound Art; installations, radio art; bio & CD

Priscilla McLean (USA, 1942) – Elec.; early electronic music pioneer; bio & CD

Myra Melford (USA, 1957) – piano, harmonium; Improv, PoMo; Nonsequitur released Three Interludes (with Marion Brandis) on the Aerial #3 compilation.

Ava Mendoza (USA) – guitar; Improv, PoMo

Brigitte Meyer (Switzerland, 1954) – cello; Improv; bio

Helena Michelson (Russia/Latvia/USA) - piano; Contempo

Ann Millikan (USA) - piano, voice; Contempo, PoMo, Hybrid; compositions strongly influenced by jazz, African and Brazilian music.

Fatima Miranda (Spain) – solo voice; PoMo, Improv; extreme extended vocal techniques, sound poetry, performance art, music-theater, radio art, visual poetry, graphic scores, interactive multimedia performance

Helen Mirra (USA, 1970) – Sound Art; visual artist using sound as a major component in her installations; bio, CD

Meredith Monk (USA, 1942) – voice, piano; PoMo; pioneer of extended vocal techniques, choreographer, theater artist, film maker; CDs on ECM, other CDs

Barbara Monk Feldman (Canada/USA, 1953) – Contempo; bio, scores

Martha Mooke (USA) – electric five-string viola; Contempo, Elec., Improv; can also be found here.

Beata Moon (USA) – piano; Contempo

Charlotte Moorman (USA, 1933-1991) – cello; PoMo, Contempo, Elec.; interpreter of avant garde cello works with electronics & video, associated with Fluxus and Nam June Paik; bio

Joyce Solomon Moorman (USA) – Contempo; bio, bio + CD, scores

Ikue Mori (Japan/USA, 1953) – percussion, electronics; Improv, Elec, PoMo; Nonsequitur released Death Praxis (with Tenko Ueno) – out of print but some tracks appear on the Mystery CD on Tzadik.

Zae Munn (USA, 1953) – Contempo; Nonsequitur released Interface on the Aerial #3 compilation.

Pippa Murphy (Scotland) – PoMo, Elec.

Thea Musgrave (Scotland/USA, 1928) – Contemporary sound artist


Joanna Newsom 

Kathrin Norman (Britain)… Sonus – The Space Between 

Michelle Nagai (USA, 1974) – Sound Art, Elec.; radio art and acoustic ecology.

Sainkho Namtchylak (Tuva/Austria, 1957) – voice; Improv, Hybrid; extended vocal techniques coming out of traditional Tuvan throat singing; her own web site has vanished, but try these for info, bio, and MP3s

Candace Natvig (USA/Germany) – violin, voice; PoMo, Improv

Tari Nelson-Zagar (USA) – violin; Improv, PoMo, Contempo; bio

Amy X Neuburg (USA) – voice, electronics; PoMo, Contempo, Elec.; solo and chamber works, avant-garde cabaret drawing from a wide range of styles

Andrea Neumann (Germany, 1968) – piano, electronics; Improv, PoMo; plays piano innards with electronics; bio + discography, bio + CD

Yuko Nexus6 (Japan, 1964) – electronics; Elec.

Kristin Norderval (Norway/USA) – voice; Improv, PoMo, Contempo; also interpreter of contemporary vocal music by other composers.

Anne Norman (Australia, 1961) – shakuhachi, flute; PoMo, Contempo, Hybrid; also interpreter of music by other composers.

Katharine Norman (UK/Canada, 1960) – Elec, Contempo, Sound Art; also author of Sounding Art: Eight Literary Excursions Through Electronic Music (synopsis on her web site)



Daphne Oram (British) electronic music pioneer

o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) (Japan/USA) – Sound Art, Elec; also on MySpace

Jocy de Oliveira (Brazil, 1936) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec; interview

Pauline Oliveros (USA, 1932) – accordion, electronics; Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Improv; pioneer of early electronic music; Nonsequitur released Troglodyte's Delight by the Deep Listening Band.

Yoko Ono (Japan/USA, 1933) – voice, etc.; Improv, PoMo; conceptual/intermedia artist associated with John Cage, Fluxus, 1960s avant garde; extensive bio

Cecilie Ore (Norway, 1954) – piano; Contempo; bio etc.


Catherine Pancake (USA) – percussion; Improv, Sound Art; also makes films; bio

Elizabeth Panzer (USA) – harp; PoMo, Improv, Elec.; CD & bio

Graciela Paraskevaidis (Argentina/Uruguay, 1940) – Contempo; bio, CD & bio

Hilda Paredes (Mexico/UK, 1957) – Contempo, Hybrid; new music and vocal music includes the Mayan and other indigenous languages from Mexico; CD

Andrea Parkins (USA) – accordion, piano, electronics; Improv, PoMo, Elec., Sound Art.

Zeena Parkins (USA, 1959) – harp, keyboards, accordion; PoMo, Improv

Maggi Payne (USA, 1945) – Elec, PoMo, Sound Art; bio & CDs, longer bio

Annette Peacock (USA, 1941) – piano, voice, electronics; Improv, PoMo; early use of synthesizers for live improvisation and vocal processing, also known as a jazz player and songwriter; fan site [her own web site has very little info]

Sarah Peebles (USA/Canada, 1964) – shô, electronics; Elec, PoMo, Improv, Sound Art; Nonsequitur released Kai (Revolving Life) on the Aerial #5 compilation.

Liz Phillips (USA, 1951) – Elect, Sound Art; pioneer of interactive sound installations.

Elizabeth Pizer (USA, 1954) – Contempo

Andrea Polli (USA) – Sound Art; digital media artist working with sonification of weather patterns and climate change.

Jocelyn Pook (UK, 1960) – Contempo, PoMo; especially known for film scores.

Jeannie Gayle Pool (USA, 1951) – Contempo

Susan Philipsz sound work Lament for a Drowned Love, won her the highly esteemed Turner Prize in 2010



Tara Rodgers (Pink Noises)

Marina Rosenfeld (American)

Jodie Rose (Singing Bridge)

Pippilotti Rist (American)

Tara Rodgers (Pink Noises)
Eliane Radigue (France, 1932) – Elec.; focus on analog synthesizers and pure tones; bio, discography, & clips, CDs here and here; interview

Nicole Randall (Germany/USA, 1977) – flute; Contempo

Maja Ratkje (Norway, 1973) – voice, electronics; PoMo, Contempo, Improv, Elec

Susan Rawcliffe (USA) – flute, ocarina, didjeridu, etc.; Hybrid, PoMo; builds and performs with handmade ceramic flutes, ocarinas, whistles, and other instruments based on pre-Columbian designs.

Dana Reason (Canada/USA) – piano; Improv, Post

Wendy Reid (USA, b.?) – Contempo, Elec.; bio, scores

Patricia Ann Repar (Canada/USA) – Contempo, Elec.

Belinda Reynolds (USA, 1967) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Hybrid; bio + clips

Jane Rigler (USA, 1966) – flute; Contempo, Elec, Improv; other web site here

Mary Lee Roberts (USA, 1964) – Elec.; CD (scroll down to find it)

Tara Rodgers (aka Analog Tara) (Canada/USA) – piano, electronics; Elec, Sound Art; also, writer and maintains the Pink Noises web site, about women who are DJs, electronic musicians, and sound artists.

Marcella Rodriguez (Mexico, 1951) – Contempo; bio

Jodi Rose (Australia) – Sound Art; known for her Singing Bridges project, making field recordings of bridges around the world

Marina Rosenfeld (USA, 1968) – electronics; PoMo, Elec., Improv, Sound Art; plays turntables using records of her own sounds, also installations and large ensembles of women players; bio

Leslie Ross (USA) – bassoon, instrument builder; PoMo, Improv

Vanessa Rossetto (USA) – viola, violin, cello, electronics; PoMo, Elec, Improv, Sound Art

Anna Rubin (USA) – Contempo, Elec; bio, CD

Vivian Adelberg Rudow (USA, 1936) – Contempo

Katharina von Rütte (Switzerland, 1960) – voice; Improv, Post; bio

Jessica Rylan (UK/USA, 1974) – home-built analog synthesizers; Elec, Sound Art



Catherine Sullivan (American) performance/film

Kaija Saariaho (Finland/France, 1952) – Contempo, Elec; bio & CDs; Nonsequitur released Petals (for electronic cello) on AC/DC/VC by cellist Jeffrey Krieger.

Makiko Sakurai (Japan) – voice, piano; PoMo, Hybrid; specializes in Shomyo-style Buddhist chant and gagaku, adapted to her own music and collaborations with other composers; also performs piano works by others; article

Luz María Sanchez (Mexico/USA, 1971) - Sound Art; installations using sound and light

Sawako (Japan/USA) - Elec, Sound Art

Carla Scaletti (USA) - harp, electronics; Elec., also a music/sound software designer

Margrit Schenker (Switzerland, 1954) – voice, accordion; bio

Margo Schulter (USA, 1950) – Elec, Improv, Hybrid; focus on medieval European and Near Eastern musics, various intonation systems; music files (original and historical pieces), articles on medieval harmony, tuning and polyphony.

Joan Schuman (USA) – Sound Art, Text; radio/installation artist & writer

Irene Schweitzer (Switzerland, 1941) – piano, drums; Improv; bio, clips, etc.

Christine Sehnaoui (Lebanon/France, 1978) – saxophone; Improv; bio

Alex Shapiro (USA, 1962) – Contempo, Elec.

Judith Shatin (USA, 1949) – flute; Contempo, Elec; also installation, multimedia, and film music

Alice Shields (USA, 1943) – electronics, voice; Elec, Contempo; early electronic music pioneer, focus on electronic opera.

Hazel Smith (UK/Australia, 1950) – Text, Sound Art; experimental writer and sound poet who also makes radio and text-based electroacoustic works. An online audio artwork is here

LaDonna Smith (USA) – voilin, viola, voice; Improv, Elec, PoMo; pioneer of free improvisation; interview; Nonsequitur released Green Song (duet with guitarist Davey Williams as Trans Duo) on the
Aerial #2 compilation.

Juliana Snapper (USA) – voice; intermedia musical theater performance

Thembi Soddell (Australia) – sampler; Elec; works mainly with sampled and processed field recordings

Lisa Sokolov (USA, 1954) – voice; Improv, PoMo; extended vocal techniques

Laetitia Sonami (France/USA, 1957) – Elec, Text, Sound Art; focus on interactive electronics; CD

Christine Southworth (USA, 1978) – cello, gamelan, electronics; PoMo, Sound Art, Hybrid

Bernadette Speach (USA, 1948) – piano, organ; Contempo, PoMo; bio + CD and scores

Laurie Spiegel (USA, 1945) – electronics, banjo, lute; Elec; pioneer of computer music, software designer; bio + CD

Karen Stackpole (USA) – percussion; Improv; specializes in music for gongs and cymbals; bio

Steina (Iceland/USA, 1940) – violin, electronics; Elec; pioneering video artist who often uses MIDI violin to control video images.

Susan Stone (USA) – Sound Art, Text; radio artist and producer; bio

Molly Sturges (USA) – voice; PoMo, Improv; extended vocal techniques

Kathleen Supové (USA) – piano, keyboards; PoMo, Contempo, Elec; also interprets music by other composers

Kotoka Suzuki (Japan/USA) – PoMo, Contempo, Elec; electroacoustic, audio-visual installations, music for film and dance, instrumental/ensemble works



Jo Truman (Australia)

Helen Thorington (America)
Lori Talley (USA) – cello, electronics, gamelan; Text, PoMo, Elec, Sound Art; installations & media art focusing on language and interactivity

Karen Tanaka (Japan, 1961) – Contempo, Elec; bio + links

Anne Tardos (France/USA, 1943) – Text, Sound Art; experimental poet associated with Fluxus, also makes works for radio and text-based musical scores; bio + links

Augusta Read Thomas (USA, 1964) – Contempo

Karen P. Thomas (USA, 1957) – voice; specializes in contemporary choral music.

Diane Thome (USA, 1942) – Contempo, Elec

Helen Thorington (USA) – Sound Art, Elec, Text, PoMo; focus on radio and web art; Nonsequitur released In the Dark on the
Aerial #6 compilation, and Partial Perceptions on the Radius Vol. 2 compilation.

Ushio Torikai (Japan/USA, 1952) – violin, piano, shamisen, koto; PoMo, Elec, Improv; bio, profile

Joan Tower (USA, 1938) – Contempo; bio, bio + scores, interview

Tui St. George Tucker (USA; 1924-2004) – recorder; 20c; focus on microtonality; bio/obit


Tenko Ueno (Japan) – voice; Improv, Post; bio; Nonsequitur released Death Praxis (with Ikue Mori), which is out of print but some tracks appear on their Mystery CD on Tzadik.

Frances-Marie Uitti (USA/Netherlands) – cello; Contempo, Improv; renowned for developing technique of playing with two bows simultaneously; also virtuoso interpreter of works by other composers; bio + CDs

Nancy Van de Vate (USA/Austria, 1930) – Contempo; bio + CD

Cynthie van Eijden (Netherlands, 1970) – Contempo; bio (in Dutch) + scores

Lois V. Vierk (USA, 1951) – PoMo, Contempo; bios here and here, CDs

Kira Vollman (USA) – voice, clarinet, etc.; Improv, PoMo; half of the duo Non Credo


Hsiao-Lan Wang (Taiwan/USA) – Contempo, Elec, also a conductor specializing in contemporary music

Liz Was, aka Lyx Ish (USA; 1956-2004) – voice, misc.; Improv, Sound Art, Text; intermedia artist who made instruments from gourds and was strongly involved in experimental poetics; obit, more info, writings; Nonsequitur released Burial Song by Floating Concrete Octopus on the Aerial #1 compilation.

Patty Waters (USA, 1946) - voice, piano; Improv; experimental vocals in a jazz ballad context

Tamara Weikel (USA, 1975) - voice, turntables, etc.; Elec, Improv, PoMo; also a well-known DJ

Lauren Weinger (USA) – Elec, Sound Art; site specific sound installations; bio, CD, clips

Judith Weir (UK, 1954) – Contempo; opera and chamber music; bio, bio + clips

Nusch Werchowska (France, 1965) - piano, electronics; Improv, Contempo

Hildegard Westerkamp (Germany/Canada, 1946) – Elec, Sound Art; electroacoustic music and acoustic ecology; Nonsequitur released Cricket Voice on the Aerial #2 compilation, and Türen der Wahrnehmung on the Radius: Volume 4 compilation.

Frances White (USA, 1960) – shakuhachi; Elec; Nonsequitur released Walk Through Resonant Landscape #2 on the Aerial #6 compilation.

Emily Williams (Australia) – cello, voice, electronics; Elec, PoMo

Willow Williamson (USA) – keyboards, electronics; Elec, PoMo

Stevie Wishart (Australia/Europe) – violin, hurdy gurdy; Improv, Elec, PoMo, Sound Art; also well known as an Early Music specialist; bio, bio + CDs; Nonsequitur released Changing the Subject by Machine for Making Sense on the Aerial #5 compilation.

Julia Wolfe (USA, 1958) – Contempo, PoMo; co-founder of Bang on a Can Festival and BoC All-Stars; CD

Wu Fei (China/USA, 1977) – guzheng, voice, piano; Contempo, PoMo, Hybrid, Improv; composes for Western and Eastern instruments; also on MySpace

Sam Taylor Wood  (American)

Charlotte White

Claudia Wegener

Hildegard Westerkamp (German) 


Xu Fengxia (China/Germany, 1963) – guzheng, guqin, sanxian, liuqin; Improv, Hybrid; in addition to free improvisation, performs traditional and contemporary Chinese music.

Carolyn Yarnell (USA, 1961) – Contempo; bio + clips, CD

Ming-Hsiu Yen (Taiwan/USA, 1980) - Contempo; bio

Chen Yi (China/USA, 1953) – Contempo; bio, interview

Gayle Young (Canada, 1950) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Sound Art; microtonal, new instruments, sound sculpture, Editor of Musicworks Magazine; bio

Miki Yui (Japan/Germany, 1971) – Sound Art


Pamela Z (USA, 1956) – voice, electronics; Elec, PoMo, Improv, Sound Art; bio + CDs

Mia Zabelka (Austria, 1963) – violin, electronics; PoMo, Elec, Sound Art; bio, CD

Judith Lang Zaimont (USA, 1945) – Contempo

Lidia Zielinska (Poland, 1953) – Contempo, PoMo, Elec, Sound Art; bio

Mariolina Zitta (Italy) – percussion, voice; focus on music for stalactites, tuned stones, and other natural objects.

Ellen Zweig (USA, 1947) – Sound Art, Text; experimental writer, film/video, sound installations

Ellen Zwillich (USA, 1939) – Contempo; bio + scores + CDs
compilation. on the on the New Albion label performed by compilation. compilation CD, released by OO Discs.

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